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The Last Jedi: In Answer To Insider & Other Interweb Gripes

Greetings! The latest Star Wars movie is out and BOY is it a doozy! What’s that? Did I like it? No, no I didn’t. I LOVED IT! Yes, yes I did, I loved all of it…MORE PORGS and so on. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember and this movie was every bit the Star Wars film it needed to be. Not that everyone agrees with that… [Read more →]

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Children’s Book Week 2017

I’m very excited for Book Week this year. Firstly because I love dropping in on schools and libraries to talk about storytelling…LOVE IT. And secondly because I am 99% booked out for it.  I think I have one afternoon free all week.  It’s going to be a crazy, adrenaline rush of a week and I can’t wait.

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Writer In Residence

Greetings! Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve made a post here…whoops. I think I get so used to mouthing off on Twitter that I forget I have this site.

I’m popping back in to say, firstly, I’m not dead and I’m still working (some great projects are happening…exciting stuff), and secondly that I had a fantastic week at Guildford Grammar.  For a week I was their writer in residence and spent my time talking to students about storytelling and comics.  It was a real treat.  The staff were wonderful and the students were crazy smart!  Thanks for having me.

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Tokyo Signings


Tonight I’m flying out to Tokyo and, yeah, I’m super excited about it.  I’ve got five signing events over the week and I can’t wait to meet the fans and FINALLY meet Guido Guidi (seriously, NEVER met the guy!).  Outside of the signings I’m thrilled to be able to visit Tokyo and will, more than likely, buy everything in sight.  PLUS…Tokyo Disney.  Oh yes.  Tokyo Disney.

Here’s the signing schedule when I’m there.  I’ll drop in links when I receive more information.

14/11 Sat Signing at Monster Japan  4-8 PM
15/11 Sun Signing at Tokyo International Comic Festival all day (Booth F07)
20/11 Fri Event “Swerve’s” at Shibuya 6-10 PM
21/11 Sat ShoPro signing and talk event 1-3 PM
22/11 Sun Signing All Hail Cybertron event 10AM-5PM


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Writing Chats


Big shout out to everyone at Roleystone Community College.  I spent a whole day there chatting with the students about storytelling, themes and comics in general.  Loved it.  The staff were fantastic and I got to hang out, drink tea and get some solid 3DS time in the breaks (yes I brought my own tea).  Cheers, Gang!

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Pocket Sized Drift!


I think it can safely be said that I’m the last to find out anything…like…all the time.  So it wasn’t until I saw a retweet of these guys from a fan that I was even aware they existed!

I’m actually not exactly sure what they are.  Anniversary, mini, special, Japanese Drift…things?  Either way, I had to have one!  I scoured the internet and tracked ’em down.  CUTENESS OVERLOAD.  My bookshelf never looked better.

I love finding random Drift merchandise around the place.  My baby’s getting out there!

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Well, looks like I’m on my way to Japan later this year and I’m kiiiind of going crazy with excitement.

My newly translated All Hail Megatron is selling well in Japan and the offer was made for me to do a signing there.  I thought about it for about, I don’t know, minus three seconds and jumped at the chance.  I’ll be signing there in November for ShoPro as well as hitting a few conventions and, you know, sight seeing and losing my mind at the Studio Ghibli museum.

More info soon on when and where I’ll be signing.


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