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Big shout out to everyone at Roleystone Community College.  I spent a whole day there chatting with the students about storytelling, themes and comics in general.  Loved it.  The staff were fantastic and I got to hang out, drink tea and get some solid 3DS time in the breaks (yes I brought my own tea).  Cheers, Gang!

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Pocket Sized Drift!


I think it can safely be said that I’m the last to find out anything…like…all the time.  So it wasn’t until I saw a retweet of these guys from a fan that I was even aware they existed!

I’m actually not exactly sure what they are.  Anniversary, mini, special, Japanese Drift…things?  Either way, I had to have one!  I scoured the internet and tracked ’em down.  CUTENESS OVERLOAD.  My bookshelf never looked better.

I love finding random Drift merchandise around the place.  My baby’s getting out there!

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Well, looks like I’m on my way to Japan later this year and I’m kiiiind of going crazy with excitement.

My newly translated All Hail Megatron is selling well in Japan and the offer was made for me to do a signing there.  I thought about it for about, I don’t know, minus three seconds and jumped at the chance.  I’ll be signing there in November for ShoPro as well as hitting a few conventions and, you know, sight seeing and losing my mind at the Studio Ghibli museum.

More info soon on when and where I’ll be signing.


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Back To Where It All Began


This photo thrilled me no end.  This is a photo of the newly translated editions of my All Hail Megatron in Japan.  Japan!  Awesome.  News from the publisher is they’ve been selling extremely well.  A big shout out to all of the new AHM fans in Japan!

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Not A Total Hermit


Firstly, how good does that face look.  What a handsome devil.  Look at that face…LOOK AT IT!  I’m super happy with how well this book turned out, the response and how great the Trade looks.

Secondly, no, I’m not dead.  I got caught up communicating with everyone on the Social Medias and the Facespaces and forgot all about my old home.  I used to love writing blog posts and then I lost a TON of them when I updated my site and drifted away to the Tweets and so on.  NO MORE!  Well, no promises but, hopefully more posts here.  OLD SCHOOL.

In short.  Not dead.

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Stone Walled

This is an amazing piece by Sarah Stone inspired by the upcoming Drift: Empire of Stone.  I don’t know if it’s going to be a print, it should be because I want this on my wall!  Sarah is an outstanding artist and I’m absolutely in love with everything she does.  Brilliant.  Check out her art blog here: monsterboysandrobots

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Talking Hale

I often get called upon to do school or library talks, it’s a real treat and I jump at the chance but I have to say, today was a real highlight. [Read more →]

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