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Talking Hale

I often get called upon to do school or library talks, it’s a real treat and I jump at the chance but I have to say, today was a real highlight. [Read more →]

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International Drift

I recently spent a wonderful four weeks in Sweden (amazing place) teaching Swing dancing (my other job).  While I was there I also had time to get in some solid writing on Drift: EOS.  The artwork has started to come through and BOY is it exciting to see what Guido is going.  Wow.  That guy has got some seriously annoying talent.

On top of that I got to meet the youngest Drift fan I’ve met so far.  On one of my flights home I had the pleasure of meeting Max; Max is a young Transformer fan who was drawing and chatting about Transformers with his dad.  I had a chat with him about our shared love for Transformers and, yep, it turns out his favourite is Drift.  That’s definitely one of my favourite moments so far.

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From The (Hotel) Writing Desk

I’m currently sitting in a hotel in Stockholm working on the script for Drift: Empire of Stone #3.  I’m loving the hell out of writing this and wanted to share some random thoughts… [Read more →]

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Drift: Empire Of Stone

Very excited that IDW have announced the new mini series I’m writing, DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE.  What I’m most excited about is teaming up once again with the incredible Guido Guidi.  This will be the first time the two of us work together on a Drift story, the character we created together for All Hail Megatron all those years ago.

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5 Things Superhero Films Can Learn From Captain America: Winter Soldier

Okay so before I get into it…this post is filled with spoilers…SO MANY SPOILERS.  Man Of Steel spoilers, Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers (actually I’m not sure if “it was bad” constitutes a spoiler), Captain America 2 spoilers.  So, yeah, SPOILERS. [Read more →]

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4 Best Animated Movies For A Younger Female Audience

I tend to find myself grumbling and groaning and throwing things at the screen whenever I watch any animated film targeted at a younger female audience.  Let’s face it, I usually have that reaction whenever I see most animation studios tackle ANY female character (come to think of it, most films and TV in general).  Having recently found myself in yet another conversation on this topic I thought I’d put up my top four picks for animated films young girls should watch…

[

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Big Screen Drift

I’ve been asked a lot recently what my thoughts are regarding Drift in the upcoming Transformers 4 movie.  Had I heard?  Do I think it’s a good idea?  Am I excited?  Oddly enough I jokingly called it years ago… [Read more →]

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