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Deadpool Team Up 886 by Shane McCarthy and Nick Dragotta – pg. 5.

I’ve loved all the jobs I’ve had but I have to be honest and say this was the most fun. I had a blast writing for Deadpool and his dialogue was a dream to come up with. Nick and the team were the best too. I’d jump at the chance to do more ‘Pool.

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Kimberley Writers Festival

Looking forward to being a guest at this year’s Kimberley Writers Festival.

I’ll be doing a week of school visits in the region prior to the festival which means it’s a full week in that absolutely gorgeous part of Australia. What a chore.

If you’re in that neck of the woods, here’s all the details.

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DETECTIVE COMICS #815 Pg 10 by Shane McCarthy & Cliff Chiang.

Working with Cliff was an absolute dream, especially so early on in my career. Every page from this two parter is gorgeous but this is my favourite. Unfortunately it was never collected anywhere.

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The Last Jedi: In Answer To Insider & Other Interweb Gripes

Greetings! The latest Star Wars movie is out and BOY is it a doozy! What’s that? Did I like it? No, no I didn’t. I LOVED IT! Yes, yes I did, I loved all of it…MORE PORGS and so on. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember and this movie was every bit the Star Wars film it needed to be. Not that everyone agrees with that… [Read more →]

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Vintage Post – Breaking In

So a loooooong time ago I put up a post about breaking in for writers. Back then I would get asked a lot about how to break in and if I had any advice. I still get asked this a lot so I figured it would be good to dust off the old post and, yeah, repost it. So here it is. It’s old but I still think it has merit. Check it out here.

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Children’s Book Week 2017

I’m very excited for Book Week this year. Firstly because I love dropping in on schools and libraries to talk about storytelling…LOVE IT. And secondly because I am 99% booked out for it.  I think I have one afternoon free all week.  It’s going to be a crazy, adrenaline rush of a week and I can’t wait.

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Writer In Residence

Greetings! Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve made a post here…whoops. I think I get so used to mouthing off on Twitter that I forget I have this site.

I’m popping back in to say, firstly, I’m not dead and I’m still working (some great projects are happening…exciting stuff), and secondly that I had a fantastic week at Guildford Grammar.  For a week I was their writer in residence and spent my time talking to students about storytelling and comics.  It was a real treat.  The staff were wonderful and the students were crazy smart!  Thanks for having me.

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