Author Visits

Shane is a highly experienced public speaker and has been engaged in school, library and festival talks for many years.

Shane’s talks and interactive workshops are highly engaging and well received. He is passionate about storytelling and takes great enjoyment in sharing the ins and outs of writing with his audience. Shane’s visits can be tailor made to suit any age group, working with students on topics ranging from comic book writing to character creation to simply writing an exciting story. 

If you are a school or a library and are interested in having Shane speak at your location you’re welcome to contact him via the site.  Shane is frequently engaged in talks for students and the public on the subject of writing and comic books so there’s a good bet he’ll be happily attend your festival or event.

"Shane McCarthy is a wonder! He has the ability to engage and guide an audience of some considerable numbers to enjoy, relate and develop their thinking and writing skills. This creativity is sadly overlooked in many curriculums so this fills an educational gap in a meaningful and valuable way.

Shane is open to educators to fulfil a brief and he does not do “repeat” or rehearsed performances. He is very responsive to students and hence their engagement levels lift. It is a joy to watch Shane make male writers and the process of writing not only real but cool!"

Donna Gardiner

Willeton Senior High School
"We have engaged Shane here at Hale on numerous occasions. He is a highly entertaining guest speaker who has a genuine and authentic approach with the students. His story is unique and he shares that intertwined with his professional milestones that creates a highly captivating session. He can communicate with kids of all ages and adults alike."
Dave Reed
Hale School
"We had Shane McCarthy in the Senior School and he was terrific! Shane worked with Years 7-10 English classes and thoroughly engaged the students. He also struck up many informal and enthusiastic conversations with both staff and students between classes. The English faculty were very impressed with the way in which Shane interacted with the students and got them thinking about their writing and viewing."
Michelle Pritchett
Guildford Grammar School
"Shane McCarthy IS a real Superhero, who else would be able to hold the attention of so many children of various ages and various interests, without some super powers. Shane is everything you want a comic book writer to be, he is witty, funny and such a cool dude, don’t even get him started on Star Wars! He is a genuinely warm and happy person, children and adults alike are rendered spellbound by his talks."
Emma Day
Kununurra School and Community Library


WHAT AGE GROUPS DO YOU PRESENT TO? Over the years the audiences for my presentations have ranged from Year 2s all the way up to university students and adult writers. Also people in line at the shops, love a good chat.

DO YOU OFFER TALKS OR WORKSHOPS OR BOTH? I offer a range of talks and workshops! My sessions can cover the basic ins and outs of creating comics, to writing and storytelling talks, to workshops covering the techniques used in visual storytelling and more. Email me for a chat!

DO YOU TEACH ILLUSTRATION? I don’t but mostly because I can’t draw. Professional artists have referred to my illustrations as “nauseating” and “childlike” so I stick to writing comics not drawing them!

WHAT ARE YOUR SPEAKING RATES? Just email me at the link below and I can send you out a full list!

Contact Shane about an author visit

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